about us

Outpeak is a foundation that empowers poor yet intelligent teenage girls in Tanzania aged 14-19 yrs in secondary level
by providing free study scholarships and scholastic materials, we get the scholastic materials from students who have
excess and they donate to the box that will be provided in their school or they can personally deliver to our office.
The scholarship is offered to the students who applied by submitting our given forms which are in schools and in our
website, we accept 100 applications per year. The crowd funding starts from January to December, the scholarship
contains all the expenses a normal student undergoes per year. Apart from crowd funding online we also do charity events
and you are warmly welcome to participate just subscribe to hear our latest news.


Mission and vision

Our Mission is to tackle difficulties facing a girl from getting her education
Our Vision is to have a country whose women are literate and leading the world


Why girls?

In Tanzania teenage girls aged 14-19 yrs in secondary school are dropping out drastically and the main cause is either
financial difficulties or inadequacy of scholastic materials, outpeak chose girls because they are the mothers of the next
generation, the next Tanzania, Did you know that 1.5$ can send a girl to school for a day? which is enough for the bus fare and a healthy lunch. So if we don’t educate them now, we will remain being a developing country, since one of the factors
of a powerful nation is women social status, we go by the saying of “educate a woman educate a society”. Teenagers are
powerful if their minds are bred and trained the right way, so if we breed well our daughters be sure to have strong Tanzania.