"education is the key of life" lets prove this by giving Faraja Text books and scholastic materials.
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Hi there my name is Faraja Jared Nashokigwa I am 16 years old and I live at mbagala tinted, and im the fifth with 4 brothers and 2 twins 2 years ago my mom and dad died i used to live in morogoro so my older brother had to take me in and since I stay there I have to help with house cleaning and babysitting also I go to a nearby government school called mbagala secondary and I am in my second year, when I grow up I want to be a general doctor inspired by doctor Isaac.

Unfortunately I have been having doubts about my future career since my parents died, my brother is the only person working in the house that he rented together with his wife and 2 year old boy, so it is like im an extra load I feel like I am a burden because of the expenses that are on me which are school, health, food and clothes.

There are some days that I go school hungry and pray when I go home I may find dinner, at school I have been performing well but we are so many that the teachers don’t finish marking neither are we given our reports, we usually have extra classes but the teachers want to be paid for it, some demand 20$ some are cheaper but still we can’t afford them, our school has no library and I don’t have text books to study at home so I rely on the notes that teachers provide it is not enough but it is all we have, I wake up at 5am I study for 2-3 hours then I leave for school and I sleep at 9pm.

I studied primary education in morogoro and I was a hygiene prefect.
“I took her in because I saw her passion in studying despite all hard times she still strives to be who she is supposed to and who she wants to be, moreover she is my young sister I can’t abandon her” testimony from the brother.