Salma and Janeth

They need Motivation
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About the Campaign

items                                                                              Cost

2 bicycles                                                                     200,000 Tshs (96$)

scholastic materials                                              40,000 Tshs (18$)

please donate via mobile money in the number +255787106744 airtel money for tigo pesa +255655106744

Here is why we should give them,

Salma and Janeth are not family related they met when their parents rented the same place and study at the same secondary school, they became sisters bonded by the difficulties of their life. 2 years ago Janeth lost his father and that is when her life took a turn now she depends on her relatives mostly uncles and aunts, her mother is a stay home mom who also depends on her relatives and weekly sends Janeth to borrow some money.

On the other hand Salma has both parents and 2 brothers her father is businessman her mother does petty business, and she also faces difficulties sometimes she is not given fare neither pocket money, and their family eats only one meal a day and since they have a toddler she has to help her mom with the baby and house chores.

Salma and Janeth both want to be doctors in the future and they both walk 2 km to school whenever their parents can’t afford to give them fare, let us give them bicycles so they could cycle to school and library, and scholastic materials to keep them motivated..

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